DIVERSIFIED DIAGNOSTIC PRODUCTS, HOUSTON, TEXAS, builds the world's favorite MAMMOVIEWER. The MAMMOVIEWER 3D, our most recent addition, has become the standard for discerning film readers who strive for excellence. Our MAMMOVIEWER will help shape the way you look at mammography films. While operating quietly and "Looking Good", it offers you complete control over the way you read films. In addition to offering very high capacity, it is THE affordable motorized film viewer. We pride ourselves in offering you simplistic design on a high tech unit that will fit well in all mammography suites. As you should know, simple design translates to more dependability in your MAMMOVIEWER. At Diversified, customer service is our highest priority. We can accommodate any and all film sizes, and will make it "Your Way".


All MAMMOVIEWERs are supplied with a standard 50 patient capacity (frame) film belt. We can increase this number to 75 or 90 on all models. Each model is customized at time of purchase to suit your facility's needs. We do not add those annoying bands that interfere with your search for micro calcifications. Upper and lower films are less than 1 inch apart to facilitate film comparisons. Our single belt design assures that a patient's films always move together.

In March 2003, the F-series MAMMOVIEWER was introduced. This unit has several features, not the least of which is the Next Group. The Next Group addition is of significant value, since we have found that most sites generally set up various portions of our fully-customizable film belt for differing sizes of mammo/general purpose films, and it is necessary at times to scroll through numerous empty frames (which are brightly lit and annoying when vacant). With this new feature, you simply press one button, lights go off, belt automatically scrolls to the first frame of the next film size section, and the lights come back on. This results in a huge time savings, as well as affording more eye comfort for the technologist and the radiologists. What a great feature this is.

We have also introduced the new FrameFinder. The new FrameFinder allows the user to input a particular frame number on the new Membrane Switch Touch Pad, and automatically scroll to that frame with this simple programming. It is now available on all new models as an optional feature. There are also field upgrade kits available for existing units. Field upgrades will include the FrameFinder with the Next Group feature. The Next Group is not a stand-alone feature. It can only be added as part of the FrameFinder. We can send someone from the factory in Houston to do the upgrade for basic travel expenses and the price of the kit.

Each bank of the MAMMOVIEWER is on a separate light switch, allowing you to turn one bank off while viewing the other. Dimmer controlled lights vary intensity from 1800-6500NIT, much higher than the ACR's recommendation of 3000NIT. The 60,000Hz fluorescent light system reduces eye fatigue.

With our OPTIONAL retractable center shelf, you can get extremely close to the screen without bending forward, and your knees still fit under the console. Film movement is activated with the hand switches, or the foot switch.


MAMMOVIEWER film belts screen out ALL extraneous light when properly loaded and the doors are pulled in on either side of the films. This is advantageous to the mammo reader in normal viewing circumstances (where the room is darkened somewhat and the viewer lights are EXTREMELY bright). With ALL extraneous light filtered out, eyes can light adapt for proper film reading, and are not constricted by needless light auras around the edges of the films as found on other film viewing units.

Our film belts can be configured specifically for each individual site/user. To facilitate this selection, and to allow you to make a more educated decision on belt formatting for your MAMMOVIEWER, here are some ideas. Possibilities include 6 over 6 over 6 of the small mammos, or 4 over 4 of the large mammos, or 4 large over 6 small mammos. You could even set aside a portion of the film belt for 14"x17" films, complete with strings.

Depending on your needs, you set up the film belt to fit your practice. Customers generally monitor film usage for a few days/weeks, taking particular notice of the percentage of large/small films loaded. Since the ultimate decision is final, I am always supportive in giving you guidance to make a good choice. I will always contact the customer subsequent to ordering and prior to building/shipment.

Most people set up 10-20% of the film belt for large mammos, some set up as much as 50% for large mammos, and some set up the film belt for nothing but 14"x17" films. One option is formatting it in a "mirror" effect (large, small, large). This way, you could use the first portion of the belt for a year or two, then move to the other end and use that for another year or two, doubling the life of your belt. The possibilities are endless. Each site orders something different, dependent on their individual requirements.

If you purchase the standard size supplied with each unit, you will have 50 spaces to fill. I could recommend 1-10 large, 11-15 large over small, and 16-50 small. OR 1-20 large, 21-50 small, OR 1-10 large, 11-15 small, 16-50 large, OR a number of other choices. With the 50 frame size, you are allowed 4 splits (changes from one film size to another) at no charge. Subsequent splits are $50 each.

If you purchase the belt with 25 additional frames, you will have 75 spaces to fill. I could recommend 1-10 large, 11-15 large over small, and 16-75 small. OR 1-20 large, 21-75 small, OR 1-10 large, 11-65 small, 66-75 large, and again the possibilities are great. On this size belt, you are allowed 5 splits (changeovers) at no charge. Again, subsequent splits are $50 each.

With the purchase of the belt with 40 additional frames, you will have 90 spaces to fill. I could recommend 1-10 large, 11-15 large over small, and 16-90 small. OR 1-25 large, 26-90 small, OR 1-10 large, 11-20 large over small, 21-80 small, 81-90 large, OR any number of choices. With a film belt this length, you are allowed 6 splits (changeovers) at no charge. Additional changeovers are $50 each.

If you have question on this, please contact me at or call toll free at 866-337-9328 or locally in Houston at 281-955-5323x19. I will be happy to discuss these possibilities with you or someone else on your staff.

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Model 3D

Our Mammoviewer 3D is the world's leading motorized mammography film viewer. This triple bank beauty is the only viewer that will accommodate three rows of mammo films in a 6 over 6 over 6 format (or 4 over 4 over 4) for the 18 x 24cm size. We can also handle 4 over 4 of the 24 x 30cm films, and even 4 large and 4 (or 6) small films in the two bank format. Above these large films we apply a black mask directly to the film belt. Light collimation is never a worry with the complete masking ability of all our Mammoviewers. Should you require the ability to hang 14" x 17" films, we can!

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Model 1012

This double bank unit is extremely versatile given the price. It will accommodate two rows of 24 x 30cm mammo films (4 over 4), two rows of 18 x 24cm films (6 over 6 OR 4 over 4), and will even allow you to hang 24 x 30 films over 18 x 24 films (and vice versa). Light collimation is complete on this unit. We can also set up a portion of the belt for 14" x 17" films.

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Model 810CML

This unit allows you to view two banks of 18 x 24cm mammo films (6 over 6 OR 4 over 4 format) with excellent light collimation. 24  x 30cm films are placed side-by-side (in a single row, not up and down), four across on this viewer. 14" x 17" films can also be viewed on this unit.

Diversified Diagnostic Products, Inc., announces the AVS; the answer to those who are converting from film mammography screening to digital mammography screening. With the AVS automated viewing system, you can economically and ergonomically compare last year's films with this year's digital mammograms. This timely solution allows you the ability to compare in a standard 4 over 4 display with absolutely minimal distance between the upper digital monitors (any size or configuration) and the lower film viewer. This configuration minimizes head movement while maximizing your ability to compare older films with the current digital study for subtle changes that may be suspicious. Economics become important when you realize that a film viewer in a digital mammography department will inevitably become a dinosaur. See the new AVS in booth 1713 at the upcoming RSNA in Chicago.
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