The VIDIVIEWER series of motorized film viewers comes with more standard features than any other high capacity motorized film viewer. In fact, we offer only one option, the Auto Retriever. Many of the features are not only standard, but also exclusive. Standard and exclusive; features to make your life less expensive and a little easier.




  • Portable membrane switch control panel (standard & exclusive)
  • Moveable rheostat-controlled bright light (standard)
  • Film storage file (standard)
  • Dual foot switches (standard)
  • No strings on the lower belt unit to interfere with film reading (standard & exclusive)
  • Frame and continuous film travel modes (standard)
  • Upper and lower film belts are close together to enhance film comparison (standard & exclusive)
  • Capacities of 200 and 400 films (standard)
  • Patient Index Cards (standard)
  • Smaller footprint to take up less of your valuable space (standard)
  • Eight bank individual illumination (standard)
  • High frequency fluorescent light dimming systems that eliminate 60Hz flicker (standard & exclusive)
  • Continuously variable lighting system allows more precise matching of light output to film density (standard & exclusive)
  • Recessed viewing area to reduce glare (standard)
  • State-of-the-art FET motor drive system (standard)


All models use our digital membrane switch control panel. The operator may turn off individual panels or an entire row at the touch of a switch. Another set of switches control fluorescent light levels allowing continuous adjustment from 400 to 800 foot-candles (1370-2750 NIT).


A moveable bright light with a dimmer is operated from the same panel. Several functional options are user selectable. Our new FET driven film belt travel mechanism may be set for either continuous or one frame at a time operation. Activation is either manual from the control panel, or by foot switches. The entire control panel is on a spiral cord and may be positioned anywhere on the desk top. An optional Auto Retriever is available for all models.



The VIDIVIEWER uses a proprietary high frequency fluorescent light dimming system that totally eliminates 60Hz flicker, a phenomenon that causes eye fatigue in some people.

Work Desk

A large fold-down workshelf is standard on all models, and may be custom designed to fit almost any requirement at no additional charge.



VIDIVIEWER 2000 with high-frequency fluorescent light dimming system, moveable Bright Light, 200 14x17 film capacity, NO STRINGS belt, film storage file, normal and high speed film travel, mobile cabinet.


VIDIVIEWER 3000 with high-frequency fluorescent light dimming system, moveable Bright Light in the lower viewing area, 200 14x17 film capacity, upper stationary illuminator, NO STRINGS belt, film storage file, normal and high speed film travel, mobile cabinet.

Optional Auto Retriever-Automatically searches for programmed frame number, Models 2000 and 3000.

VIDIVIEWER 4000 with high-frequency fluorescent light dimming system, moveable Bright Lights, 400 14x17 film capacity in a 4 over 4 design, NO STRINGS on lower belt unit, film storage file, normal and high speed film travel, mobile cabinet.

Optional Auto Retriever with dual drive synchronization for Model 4000.


Film Capacity - The Models 2000 and 3000 hold up to 200 14x17 radiographs, while the Model 4000 holds up to 400 14x17 in a 4 over 4 design. The Model 3000 uses the same cabinet as the 4000, but the upper illuminator is stationary with standard film clips.

Film Travel Mechanism - Films are carried on a polyester belt with a "1" lip at top and bottom. On Models 2000, 3000, and lower section of the Model 4000, NO STRINGS are required to hold films in place. The upper unit of the 4000 has four elastic bands stretched across the face of the belt to hold the films flat against the viewing area.

Film Travel Speed - Two speeds are provided. Normal speed advances approximately one frame per two seconds. High speed provides end to end travel in less than one minute. Note: Higher speeds are possible with a STRING BELT on the lower unit.

Belt Wear - The film travel mechanism has been designed to significantly reduce belt wear. The absence of bands on the Models 2000, 3000, and the lower unit of the Model 4000 eliminates a major reason for belt replacement.

Bright Light - Model 4000 has two Bright Lights, and Models 2000 and 3000 have a single Bright light built into each unit, which moves vertically in the second panel from the left. The Bright Light intensity is controlled by a dimmer on the control panel. Minimum light output at maximum setting is 8000 foot-candles.

Lighting - The VIDIVIEWER is equipped with a high-frequency fluorescent lighting system which is controlled by a dimmer. This high-frequency system is considerably more efficient than the standard 60Hz system and eliminates the 60Hz flicker which may cause headaches and eye fatigue in some people. The individual panels may be turned off with sharp demarcation between adjacent panels. The high-frequency system is a considerable improvement over all existing lighting systems. Minimum light output at maximum setting is 800 foot-candles and may be dimmed to approximately 400 foot-candles.

Controls - All controls are mounted in a portable membrane switch control panel which may be plugged into either side of the VIDIVIEWER. Several different operational procedures may be programmed into the VIDIVIEWER through this digital control panel.

Foot Switches - Belt movement may be activated by a "rocker" foot switch provided as standard equipment on all VIDIVIEWERS which allows for hands free operation. One foot switch is provided for Models 2000 and 3000, dual switches come with the Model 4000.

Size - The VIDIVIEWERS are the world's smallest cabinet-mounted mobile mass film viewers when capacities are compared. The Model 2000 is 69"Wx52"Hx29"D and the Model 3000 and 4000 are 69"Wx69"Hx29"D.

Weight - Model 2000 - 545 lbs., Model 3000 - 720lbs., Model 4000 - 795 lbs.

Mobility - all models are caster mounted, and will fit through a minimum 29" doorway.

Work Shelves - The Standard layout shown in the photo on the front provides a large (16"x59.5") work area. Custom designs with a center cut-out are available at no extra cost.

Film Storage - Vertical files are provided in the lower section for the storage of film jackets.

Serviceability - In the rare case service is required, all functional components are easily reached by removal of the service panels located on the sides, the rear and the top of the unit.

Electrical - 110-130V, 60 Hz. Model 4000 - 12 Amps max.,3000 - 9 Amps max., 2000 - 6 Amps max.



One year parts and labor factory guaranteed.