XENAMATIC-2000N and 3000N - The Xenon 133(127) Gas Delivery System


XENAMATIC-2000N and 3000N series of xenon rebreathing devices are designed to provide both the user and patient with maximum flexibility and safety when performing lung ventilation studies with either Xe133 or Xe127. Resistance to normal breathing is the lowest in the industry. This, coupled with an O2 monitor and automatic O2 replenishment, means that it is well tolerated by most patients. The XENAMATIC-3000N has a universal interface which enables it to be used with all ventilators, thus allowing studies on patients that require breathing assistance. The activated charcoal Xenon Trap is very large, and air flow is controlled to provide exceptionally long life.






Electronic Control - The XENAMATIC-3000N series is equipped with a state-of-the-art combination digital display and membrane switch control panel. All valves in the breathing circuit are electrically operated to assure rapid response and have a 0.75 inch diameter for low breathing resistance.

Function Modes -The following functions are provided from the membrane switch control panel:

Room Air - Patient inhales from and exhales into the room through the XENAMATIC-3000N plumbing system.

Rebreathe - Patient breathes in the closed loop, achieving equilibrium with the xenon stored in the system. REBREATHE will start automatically at end tidal volume so that the first breath is always an inhalation. While in REBREATHE, CO2 is removed from the closed loop, and as O2 is consumed, it is automatically replaced.

Washout - Patient inhales room air through the XENAMATIC-3000N and exhales into the Expandable Interface. The Xenon Trap pump is activated and draws the air- xenon mixture from the Expandable Interface into the charcoal Trap. The control of the rate of flow and the volume assures Xenon trapping and greatly improves trap life.

End Study - Patient is removed and the Xenon Trap pump continues to run until a vacuum sensor indicates the Expandable Interface is empty. The Trap pump then shuts off and returns the unit to the ROOM AIR mode.


Note: The above modes may be executed in sequence with our optional REMOTE CONTROL..


Auto Fill - Automatically fills the internal 5 liter breathing bag to approximately 3.5 liters, so that there is always an adequate volume for the first inhalation, even for a single breath-equilibrium-washout technique.

Flush System - Flushes room air through the system into the Expandable Interface and charcoal Trap to clean all radioactivity out of the system.


Other Functions


Alarm Audio - ON/OFF switch for the audio portion of the alarm indicator system. Visual alarm indicator is always active.


The following conditions will activate the alarm system and will be indicated in the status window:


Fill Err - Filling errors during AUTO FILL or O2 problems during REBREATHE.

Rstrictn - Airway pressure or vacuum exceeds 5cm H2O.

Xe Trap - Trap exhaust contains more than 0.01 mCi/ml of radioactivity.


Other error messages are provided. See manual for complete information.


Activity Used - Displays the activity used during a patient study by subtracting the [end volume X concentration] from the [start volume X concentration]. This represents the "patient dose".

Ventilator Control- The Model 3000N may be connected to any ventilator to study patients who require breathing assistance. Xenon never comes into contact with the ventilator.

O2 Monitor & Auto O2 Control- The XENAMATIC-3000N series contains a paramagnetic O2 sensor which reads out in % O2 and allows a user selectable maintenance setting throughout REBREATHE. No periodic user service is required.

Xenon Activity- The XENAMATIC-3000N provides a readout of the concentration of Xenon in either mCi/L or GBq/L.

Bacteriological Filter- The XENAMATIC-3000N uses an external single use disposable bacteriological filter.

CO2 Absorber- Large capacity,  in-line,  soda lime CO2 absorber is provided.

Trapping System- The overall Xenon Trap system is the most efficient in the industry. Xenon Trapping is most effective at flow rates below 10L/min. Patients breathe at 15L/min. Our Trap pump has a flow rate of 7-8L/min. The flow rate difference is stored in a 150L Expandable Interface. At END STUDY, the Trap pump continues to operate until the Expandable Interface is empty and then automatically shuts off. Air flow over charcoal is the single biggest cause of Trap failure. This is automatically kept to a minimum in the XENAMATIC.



30"w x 24.5"d x 53.5"h (78cm x 62cm x 136cm)


500 lbs (225 kg)


115V, 60Hz, 1.5Amp or 230V, 50Hz, 1.3Amp


MET-NRTL, MET-C; (UL 2601-1, CSA 601.1)




Please call for current price

Note: Not for ventilator patients


Please call for current price


O2 Monitor and Auto O2 replenishment, ventilator interface, retractable arm, total lead shielding 1/8" (1/4" Trap area) with optional shielding for Xe127, large capacity CO2 Trap, 20 ft - 3" diameter charcoal cartridge pack with Expandable Interface, moisture absorber, and built-in exhaust port monitor/alarm.


Accessories (Please contact us for current prices)


Breathing Port Adapter*


CO2 Absorber (2 refills) *


Bac-T Filter, Disposable*


Desiccant (Silica gel) 2lbs *


Face Mask, Adult *


Face Mask Harness, Adult*


Face Mask Tubing (8")*


Xenon Gun Adapter*


Xenon Trap Charcoal Cartridge *


Remote Controller


Face Mask, Infant


Face Mask Tubing (5")



*One of each is included with the purchase of the XENAMATIC-N

(Five Bac-T filters included)


WARRANTY: One Year Parts and Labor

TERMS: Net 30; F.O.B. Houston