Diversified Diagnostic Products, Inc. (DDP) located in Houston, Texas, has manufactured and sold electronic/mechanical equipment used in radiology and nuclear medicine since 1982. DDP markets its products worldwide directly to users or through independent marketing representatives. DDP’s products fall into the following four different product groups:

                  MAMMOVIEWER™                                     XENAMATIC™

                  VIDIVIEWER™                                              XeCT System™

The MAMMOVIEWER™ and VIDIVIEWER™ product lines are motorized film viewers used  by radiologists to expedite and enhance their ability to read x-ray films. The VIDIVIEWER™ product line is a general-purpose film viewer that has been manufactured and sold by DDP since 1983. The MAMMOVIEWER™, a leading mammography film viewer,  has been manufactured and sold by DDP since 1987.

The XENAMATIC™ was designed and built by DDP in early 1982. The equipment was designed as a rebreathing device that could operate with ventilator patients. The product line uses radioactive Xenon gas for both lung ventilation and Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) studies. This was DDP's first product line as well as its first venture into the CBF area.

While the XeCT System™ is DDP’s newest product line, much of the knowledge and skills DDP has gained in working with radioactive Xenon gas contributed to development of this product line which uses non-radioactive Xenon gas (XeScan™) as a contrast agent with CT. The System itself is a low cost CT accessory that consists of all the hardware and easy to use menu driven software required for the physician to perform quantitative cerebral blood flow studies.